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    Key server performance indicators

    What are some specific key performance indicators (KPIs) would you typically measure to understand server performance during a performance test?

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    SAP Table Cell Data to Variable

    In SAP I have already declared the output Parameters under action properties
    Now i want to capture the Cell Data(s) to a variable

    I have written the following code its not working.

    Parameter("Ledger").value=SAPGuiSession("Session") .SAPGuiWindow("ABAP: Selections of Variant").SAPGuiGrid("Objects for selection").GetCellData(1,"frm")

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    Re: SAP Table Cell Data to Variable

    This is a different topic from the first one. Please create another post for this. When you change the subject line in a post, the first subject line is what is displayed in the forum, not the edited subject line. Also this might not be the correct forum for this post.
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