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    Users on Web Application Stress Tool

    I'm currently using Microsoft's Web Application Stress Tool. I know it's donkey's years old but so far it has been covering everything we need. With one exception.

    One of the things I need to test is a stress test where multiple users are logging on to our web site. Now when I record it I enter one user name and password. However there is nothing in any documentation that goes into any detail about how to change this to multiple users.

    I've tried several things, such as changing the Post data in the logon section to read %Username% %Password% thinking that this would then rotate through the list of users I provided in the users section. However this hasn't worked.

    So I've scoured the web but even though the documentation says I can do this, it doesn't go into detail about how to do it. Can anyone who has used the tool give me some tips?

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    Re: Users on Web Application Stress Tool

    Its been a *long* time, but if I remember correctly, WAST doesn't have any features for parsing or correlation or loading data per VU at runtime.
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