Hello all,

I have a requiremnet in terms of Incremental Test strategy.
I am doing Performnace testing and i have set the test to run in incremental fashion with the following details :

Starting Vusers : 10Vusers - Incremental Intreval : 60Sec
Incrementing Vusers : 10Vusers Maximum Vusers : 400
Time to run - 90 min.

According to the above strategy,every 60 min 10 vusers will be introduced and the peak load is achieved at 40 min.

How ever, wen i run the above strategy, I can see the Vusers repeating the Iteration and the Server hit count will be more than the Vuser count. I.e. Say at 20min - i can see ~ 400 hits on login page- but the expected is 200 hits, as the Vusers repeat once they finish.

Can any one let me know a strategy were i can have only those Vusers running according to my schedule and it should not repeat. HOw ever, after the peak load is achieved they can repeat in loop ( this is req of my PM , which im not able to figure out )

Please help me asap.