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    What item do I need to monitor?

    What server side items/services would I need monitored when performing performance and load tests when using Windows server 2000 perfmon.
    Any other tools I could use.

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    Re: What item do I need to monitor?

    Depends on you set up but typically you would want to monitor: Processor, Processor queue, several memory items, maybe some counters per selected process etc.
    Roland Stens

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    Re: What item do I need to monitor?

    MSDN: Improving .Net Performance and Scalability

    All you need is chapters 16 and 17. It will tell you every metric you need for a .Net Web App, as well as what numbers you should see for each one.
    Jay Harris
    Cpt. LoadTest

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    Re: What item do I need to monitor?

    Great stuff Captain! Thank you.



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