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    Setting Benchmarks

    Hi all,
    Doing a little research. We have an app that we want to test using QALoad. The last app we tested, we were given the benchmarks, but on this project we need to determine them. How do you go about doing that, what should be analyzed, what determines the benchmarks we set. Seems like a simple enough question, but we cannot come up with a definitive answer.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Setting Benchmarks

    You are not likely to find a definitive answer. Unless you are testing an app already in production it will all be guesswork. Make sure you document thoroughly why you made the decisions you made during your modelling phase, and clearly identify any assumptions you make as risks.
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    Re: Setting Benchmarks

    There are two items here:
    a. What are you benchmarking
    b. What are the values obtained
    You say you have not been set any benchmarks, by this I must assume you mean values to be achieved.
    Basically, in this scenario you run the tests, capture the values, present these as your benchmarks.
    If you really mean you haven't been given what to benchmark, then read any paper on each of the topics - these will list every criteria you could want.
    Without a set of requirements, you are basically placing a stake in the ground for future comparison - so it's up to the project what they will wish to compare.

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