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    Performance Tool to use

    Hello All,

    I am starting to evaluate Performance/Load testing tools. Below are this the environment. the application is basically a "faceless app" meaning there is not a web frontend only web services. So what I would ideally like to do is create transactions in xml and send via http/https to the web services mimicking live data. I would like to create a realistic load on the system so distributed testing is almost crucial but the data should be different for each transaction that I am passing, meaning it can't be create one xml and use that across all systems. The code path is different depending on the txn type so I would have to be able to paramitize/randomize the data being sent. This is also a full linux/java env so the testing application would have to support a linux (Red Hat). Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area, please let me know if it should of been somewhere else and I can move it to that forum.

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    Re: Performance Tool to use

    check out JMeter and Grinder.. they are pure Java so should run on Linux.

    If you can use Windows boxes as load generators, check out OpenSTA.
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