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    Wireless testing

    Hello everyone,
    I'm looking for any suggestions/ideas on how to create solid Performance/Stress Test Plan wireless devices. We are currently using LoadRunner

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    Re: Wireless testing

    Why would a test plan be different for wireless devices? Most performance tests focus on the server-side of things, regardless of how the clients connect. Are you wanting to test the performance of a single wireless device, an access point, the servers supporting the devices?

    As with any plan, you need to test to the requirements around which the system was built.

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    Re: Wireless testing

    To test a network infrastructure independent of your application you will need a network test tool. LoadRunner is a great tool for application testing, but it's a very poor tool for breaking out the network piece.

    Take a look at IxChariot from Ixia Communications (http://www.ixiacom.com). For a perspective on how this tool is used, take a look at the Nov 15th, 2004 issue of Eweek and a review of the Cisco 2800 series routers (pages 59 & 60). As a plus, you can pull information related to the makeup of an IxChariot script from the log of a LoadRunner virtual user. So, in that sense, the two products are very complementary.

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