Hi All,
I’ve read all the posts related to benchmarks and they all say benchmarks are to compare standard result against unit under test results (or something like it). And only one post was talking about “Benchmarking is useful in aiding us deploying applications “. Unfortunately the idea discontinued in replays. I would like to restore this question.
Below use case is described – why I need the information. However the question is generic: when we do have some benchmarks (for applications used in solution, such as database, etc.) we could somehow use it to forecast solution hardware requirements. Of course the forecast will be hypothetic, but it is better than nothing. Does anyone have experience with such a forecasts, of know a good resource describing issues about it.

Use Case: in our organization we have so called product development. Products are not sold, but instead used to build customer solutions. We are asked to provide a way to forecast what hardware will be required for our product to support the solution. My first answer was “ it depends”. Still, they are not satisfied with such an answer J. So I have to puzzle out if try to convince them that this is not possible or try to provide benchmarks together with some tips on performance dependency (e.g. dependency on DB size; 3rd party; hardware configuration; etc.). Do you recommend such a challenge?