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Thread: Time Sync

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    Time Sync

    Can any one help me in finding a method to synchronize the timings of clock in two or three different machines.
    I need to sync this time for testing
    Any softwares or tools (costfree) or any links will help me

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    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Time Sync


    I've also been looking for a way to do this, but one which doesn't rely on an internet connection. From reading the blurb about atomic clock it references an atomic clock server.

    Does anyone have any tools for synching across machines where there isn't an internet connection? Currently I'm using windows scheduler to run a batch file hourly which executes a net time command. The command forces the client to set the current time from a specified machine. It's a little brutal but the only thing I could get to work.

    Any other ideas appreciated.



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