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    WebSphere which process to be monitored

    just wanted to know which process is to be monitored for Web Sphere application server and IBM HTTP server during a load test run.

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    Re: WebSphere which process to be monitored


    I would be very thank ful if anyone can help me out in understanding how to go about monitering a Web Sphere application / web sphere application server.

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    Re: WebSphere which process to be monitored

    Applications written for Websphere run inside the java virtual machine. When you say 'monitoring', I assume you mean CPU and memory. As for CPU, you can monitor the total CPU utilization of the entire Websphere server, but for memory you will need a tool like Resource Analyser (comes with Websphere) to get a good understanding of what's happening with the JVM.

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    Re: WebSphere which process to be monitored

    Monitor system resource on all servers such CPU, memory, Disk I/o and as far as tuning paramater on websphere here some counter to monitor.
    Maz connection size on Http server
    pool size between webcontainer to EJB
    pool size to database
    prepared cache statments.
    JVM memory
    Heap size
    auto reload.

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    Re: WebSphere which process to be monitored

    java process(es) for your application in WebSphere and apache process(es) for IBM HTTP Server.



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