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    Re: Performance Testing Reports


    Take a look at Scott Barber's site at http://www.perftestplus.com
    You'll find that he has several great articles about data interpretation and even better, he is using the same tool as you.
    Roland Stens

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    Performance Testing Reports

    Hi All,

    I have successfully ran a performance test on our intranet site (50 VU's). Then came the reports!!
    (Rational TestManager)

    How do you make sence of all these reports?

    I read something in the docs saying "if the mean is less than 3 times the standard deviation your data is too dispersed" or something like that.

    Making sence of these reports is just going over my head.

    Any help on the most important reports and what to lookfor would be greatly appreciated. I am mostly looking for: breaking point and system resources (i checked of the check box)


    Mathew Conte
    Filogix Inc.



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