We are executing a batch execution performance test. Since, our only aim is to test for a performance requirement for executing 40 processes (that we can build with our application) in a window of 12 hours. Do we need a benchmark for this?

How important is benchmarking for batch execution performance test?

We have a know environment (“Production”), but cannot execute 15% (i.e. 6 of 40) of processes in the application to get a benchmark in the know environment, since its production. But I can get the execution time of an individual (One) process, which might be bit too less for having it as a benchmark.

We do not have any similar systems with some benchmark standards that we can accept as a benchmark for our test.

or is it ok to execute 6 process in the test environment and take that as a benchmark?

Can u folks tell me a batter way to approach this situation. Thank u.