I have couple of questions, so please bear with me, I am not new to qa or performance testing but sometimes u need to get other opinions:

1- while running performance testing, and to measure the memory consumption, what we should measure: Mem Usage or VM Size? And why?
2- While running performance testing, I have notice the number of threads are steady but the value of Mem Usage & CPU usage in incrementing with the time, what that tells us? I remember there is a rules about the relation between thread, memory, and CPU, but I can’t remember these rules…
3- In my testing tools (eTester) there is chart for Hits/sec, Kb Rcvd/sec, and Trans/sec. The problem is I don’t know what they represents, and how I know if my testing was passed or failed from this chart?
4- In windows task manager, there is counter for IO Read Bytes, what is it? When we should use it? What is the good (successful) value of this counter?