I have to conduct performace testing for a MacroMedia Flash website. The website is a e-learning website which has fullscreen interactive Lessons.

The questions I have are
1) Do I have to use Web/Http protocol for recording the scripts or do i need to use something else?

2)I want to record the lessons as transactions and measure the time taken for each lesson to play at various bandwidths.

Is recording test scripts for Flash applications / websites similar to recording scripts for websites or do i need to consider something else?

3) I recorded a testscript for the Falsh website in LoadRunner VUGen and tried to play it. When I am playing that, I see that it keeps on executing a particulr line (Action.c (19)), without moving further. When I see the execution log, it keeps on running at the same line. Did anyone encountered this problem?

Any help and information is highly appreciated.