Hi to all,
I'm using LR v7.5 for testing a Web application (multi-frames) that uses Javascript (to build a dynamic menu in Left Frame), Java (on the server), XML-XSL that provides the data for the right (main) frame .. with MS NT 4.0 (Service pack 6) and MS Explorer v5.5 SP2

I would like to know if it possible to avoid a javascript Error "Acces denied" when executing the script that builds the menu of the whole application.
Here is the detail :

Acces denied,
line 191,
car 1
htlfp://WebViewer3*H:\bdd\Load%20Runner%20Scripts\connectL oginPageTestNASApp_2\result1\Iteration1

Here the 191th line
if (parent.menuCreated==false){

I have no problem while recording but when replaying, on the 1st page of the application, the menu isn't builded at all
and it's quite impossible to go ahead..
the application has a main index.html in which are defined 3 child frames (openheader.html, openmenu.html and a third one)

The problem arrives when a reference to the parent frame (index) is made in a child frame (openmenu)
on that statement :

if (parent.menuCreated==false){

I've tried to moved the whole JScript from "index.html" to "openmenu.html" in the files used by LR when he plays a recorded Vuser script. I've updated files named t1.html (they are temporary copys from the original pages on the application server), located in the directory where my Vuser script is saved, but LR rebuild these files at each new execution...

Do you manage to execute correctly javascript within LR Run-Time Viewer ?

Please help, 'cause I'm quite new in new technologies and would like to get some clues to help in my searches (is this problem due to the browser viewer in Vugen ? JavaScript ? explorer version ?? .. )