I am just a very junior developer and is asked to perform a test to get a benchmark of an electronic trading system
First, let me describe my system and our proposed approaches.
1) We use a client to send orders to our electronic system and our system will then sends the order to the exchange simulator. The time when the order is sent from the client is T11, the time when it reaches our exchange simulator is T12, and the simulator will returns an acknowledge to our system and our system will forward the mesage to the client again, this time is T13.
We get the delta T = T13-T11, and so the message our system can process within a second is 1/(T13-T11). The process which handles the orders sent by this client is single thread, so we will send one order per second to get the fast response time. Is it meaningful?

T11 ------------------------> T12
T13 <--------------------------|

2)Second approach is to send 1000 orders which keep the process busy, take the time to send the first order, and get the time to get the last acknowledge... get their difference and divided by 1000..to get the throughput

--- order---->
<----ack -----
(T2)<----ack -----
Is it meaningful???
Please help me as i don't know much about performance test!