Hello friends,
I am working on an application for which I use SQA Team Test 2001 Version 8.0. I am having problems with the Failed test cases. I have 2 problems with the tool those are described as follows:
These tests are failing because the applications are changing in every version and build. If I don’t use any verification points is there any way I can compare the originally recorded script and the final version/ Compared version of the application? Robo just says the “Command failed in line 16 ” but I do not understand what is the difference it is finding. I am searching the .rec file with the generated script during the play back but these both are same. Please tell me which files I can use to compare the differences. I need to know where these files Actual and baseline files are located and with what extensions like .rec or .Sqa in the Team Test 2001.If anyone can give me the detailed instructions as how to handle the “failed tests” I will be grateful

2) I am getting an error when Robo tries to enter a Student number during the play back of the script, which was already entered during the recording). The Oracle database, which is back end won’t allow duplicate numbers and creates a “DATA BASE ERROR” during the playback of the script. As we all know the database won’t allow the duplicates and creates a database error and results in “Command failure”. This command failure is a result of an “Unexpected Active Window” which pops up and says “Data base Error- this number already taken please enter a new number”, when Robo tries to insert the same/existing student number during playback. If anyone knows how to handle the situation please let me know how to handle the situation.
Please send me any Code, which will help me in current situation.

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