I am new to web performance/load testing and I have general questions about performance counters. Currently, we are using Radview's WebLoad as our tool. Our test platform is pretty basic with a web servers, db machine(SQL server), app server all running Windows 2k server(I believe). Clients machines vary OS and browsers.

Although Webload reports all performance counters that defined in Windows 2k,it can be very confusing if you dont have a clue to what they mean.. then your test results are useless.

From reading thru the forum, I noticed that these (listed below) appear to be the most common counters discussed when referring to a load tests. Can someone help with the following questions??

(1) Memory Utilization?? Which perf monitors to select.. Also Is there a formula to use to calculate how much memory the application is using.. Whats good/ bad.

(2)How about Network Utiliztion?? Do I have to have monitoring tools for network to determine problems or are there perf counters that I can select.. What are good values or indications the network is in trouble?

(3)Transactions per second?? Define it for me and tell me whats considered good or not so good..

(4) Also which perf counter(s) from the web server can I select to tell me how long it took for the the web page to load??

And last.. In the help section, I've discovered some information to help me understand performance data/monitoring for Windows 2k server. If anyone else has any more documents, pdf, etc to help.. Please share!!..Note: I'm looking for general info/ terms as well and not just those pertaining to Windows 2k server..All responses welcome..