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Relevant to Ehcache, we found out that there are various kinds of data that have their own cache lifetime. There are some method calls that are cached for 15 mins,30 mins etc., and there are some which are eternal also (which will be refreshed only upon server restart)

In this case would you please someone suggest what is the ideal way to do Performance Testing when we have Ehcache in the TC Server

Basically we are executing our scripts for 50 and 100 concurrent Users(Single Iteration):
1. when we are executing first time 50 concurrent users with one iteration, the actual Response time will be

Transaction ABC= 45 sec

2. without waiting for sometime, if we execute 100 concurrent users with one iteration, then the transaction response time will be

Transaction ABC= 5 sec

Now if we share this report with leadership team, they will ask that why 50 users load is taking more time compare to 100 users

Would you please let me know, what is the best practice to do a Performance Testing in this situation( we are not sure do we need to wait between the executions)

Thanks in Advance