Early-lifecycle Performance Testing and Optimization without the Grief
Thursday | February 23rd | 11 AM EST
75% of users will go to a competitor's site if performance is poor. And what's concerning is that slow performance is most likely when your site is under peak load – exactly when you want your site to be operating at its best. You probably know that Web Load Testing should be a standard part of the application delivery lifecycle. If you haven't made Web Load Testing a part of your process it can feel like going through the stages of grief to do so. Let us help you through the denial and anger to acceptance and even excitement, when you see how the right solution can save time and help you deliver a better application.
Join us Thursday, February 23rd at 11:00am ET for a webcast with Andreas Grabner and Mark Eshelby to learn:
• How to include Web Load Testing as part of your application delivery lifecycle
•How to work through the "stages of grief" from denying there is a problem - to getting the team all on the same page and accepting there is a better way
•Why an integrated solution with deep diagnostic tools is the answer

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