Gomez Webinar:

Is your Web Application Performance Doomed?
How issues with browsers, cloud services, third-party providers, the Internet, and your data center can impact your performance and what you can do about it.
Delivery of applications to your users has rapidly evolved into a complex Web application delivery chain that spans from your data center to the myriad combinations of browsers that run on your users' devices.

However, Application Performance Management tools have not kept up with this evolution.

You probably use single-perspective monitoring tools that are hampered by blind spots across the Web application delivery chain and cannot provide end-user or business transaction perspectives. Point solutions cannot work together to isolate the root cause of problems inside or outside the firewall, quantify the business impact, or help in rapidly fixing high priority issues.
Relying on these tools often results in internal war room and blame game sessions and even more importantly end-user frustration, lost revenues, a tarnished brand, and increased costs.

What's needed is a new APM strategy - one that unifies active and real-user monitoring to give you complete First Mile (data center) to Last Mile (end user) visibility and diagnostics.

Join Forrester Vice President, Principal Analyst, Jean-Pierre Garbani and Compuware Gomez CTO, Imad Mouline, to learn strategies and best practices for eliminating blind spots across the Web application deliver chain.
In this session, the application performance management experts will discuss:
Complexities of today's application deliver and the impact on IT and business
Evolution of APM and limitations of today's APM tools
Best practices for unifying your APM strategy