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On normal Scenario:
Pentium 4 - 2.80 GHZ
512 MB RAM

page size: 40KB say "adminsearch.asp"
Connection Type:
1. Modem (Dialup): 56k
2. Cable Modem
4. Ethernet (Lan-100mbps)

What would be the "expected response time" for the particular page "adminsearch.asp".
Say it took 7 sec; then how much it will take when the concurrent users keeps increasing.
say 20,40,60,100..

how much response time, Throughput,Memory Usage is bearable?
Finally when we record the response time, we need to enter the Average response time or to mention response time per number of concurrent user
response time of adminsearch is 23 sec for 80 concurrent users or
response time 36 sec. (Average response time tested for 1000 concurrent users)


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