I am trying to get JavaSpec running on a HP/UX machine. I am following the tutorial as a means of verifying whether it is working correctly. I am able to start JavaSpec and then start the test editor however when I try and compile the test I get:

"Exception trying to compile test: java.io.IOException:/opt/java/../bin/javac: not found"

This appears to be a problem with paths so if I start javaspec as follows:

"java -Djava.home=/opt/java/bin javaspec [.......]"

then I can compile the test but I can't run it! If I try to run it I get:

"Exception while running test: java.io.IOException:/opt/java/bin/bin/java : not found"

The JDK we are using is equivalent to JDK 1.1.6 however it is not possible for us to upgrade as we need to support legacy code.

Any help greatfully accepted.