Using the last few version of JavaStar for NT, I have noticed a very unusual problem dealing
with message output to the test log and viewed within the "View Test Results" window.

Generally speaking, if the method "JS.check()" is called and provided a value of FALSE ( or
anything resolving to the value of FALSE ), then the line would appear in red and would
display the word "FAILED" at the beginning of the line. If a value of TRUE ( or something
resolving to TRUE ) was provided to "JS.check()" then the line would be displayed in black
and would contain "PASSED" at the beginning of the line.

I have noticed that if the text provided to "JS.check()" contains the character sequence "\n"
that a line that should display "FAILED" will incorrectly display as "PASSED".

This has taken an enormous amount of time to isolate. I am rewriting all instances where a
new line character was included when outputting to test log, and hopefully this will resolve
the problem.

mark young - software engineer - contracting to ISI