I'm a novice JavaStar user and have encountered some problems with JFC:
1. I want to compare a cell item in a JTable using verify in javastar but it doesn't recognize individual cell. When I click on an item to verify, the whole JTable component flashes. I've set up JavaStar 1.2 to use newNCL for JFC and text map as documented in JavaStar documentation.

Another problem I have is in passing properties. I edited my test node in test composer to accept property and in my test script, I changed the hardcoded input data to args[x]. When I ran the test with a text property file, I always got a NullPointerException in the first value. Instead of the value I have typed in my property file, the first name=value pair is changed to 'null'.

Any helpful hints you could provide on these would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.