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    JavaStar 1.2 in a Browser (JRE 1.2)

    We were successfully running JavaStar 1.1.7 in a Browser with Java Plug-in 1.1. However, JavaStar 1.2 doesn't work in the Browser any more.
    Did anyone have any success with running JavaStar 1.2 in a Browser with JRE 1.2 (JavaPlug-in 1.2) on Wondows/NT ?

    Iwona Hawrylak
    Mitel Corp.

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    Re: JavaStar 1.2 in a Browser (JRE 1.2)

    I get the same problem. In 1.2 the JavaStar record/playback window comes up, but when I try to bring up the page with my applet, the JavaStar window disappears. This didn't happen in 1.1. One problem is that the rt.jar file included with the JavaStar JPI is only 5 megs in size, but the rt.jar file that comes with the 1.2 Plug-In is about 10 megs in size. I've tried all combinations of merging the two files, but I still can't get both applets to work together.

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    Re: JavaStar 1.2 in a Browser (JRE 1.2)

    Did anyone ever resolve this? I'm having the same problem.



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