The application that I am testing requires three command-line arguments when it is launched, one of which is the installation directory of the application under test. When I switch platforms between UNIX and NT, the directory structures change, so I have to edit every JavaStar ROOT class file's ''run'' method to reflect the change. I would like to include this information in a property file so it could be handled automatically. Can JavaStar do this (pass arguments to the ''run'' method)? If not, it may not be a bad idea for future versions.
I have (sorta) a work-around for it. I have added some code to the ''run'' method so it will grab the proper info from a property file. However, since I can't figure out how to pass arguments to the ''run'' method, the filename reference (to the property file) inside the method must be absolute, so I still have to change the ROOT class file when changing platforms!