Hi everyone

This is the issue: I need to select the RadioButton which is in a table with data related to transfers in the cells next to it, so I need to select the correct radio regarding the data next to it.

This is the whole process: First I go to the Add Recurring Transfer section and select the parameters of the transfer (Accounts, date, amount, months etc), then with VB code I capture those parameters from the page and store them into Global variables for further usage on my E-tester script.

Right after that I need to select the radiobutton regarding the data of the transfer that I already created in order to delete it or modify it

So How can I move along the table and compare each cell with the variables that I created with the transfer information, so when I finish comparing a row cell by cell and if all the comparison match well in that row, I could select the radiobutton of the row.

If you need more info please let me know

Could you please help me with this problem?? I'm Kind of frustrated with this issue jejeje