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    Time/Access Counter Check

    Hey All,

    Is there a way to check if the number of sessions accessed or time increases accordingly?

    For example I am testing a page where the user goes into an exercise and the time is recorded the amount of seconds and minutes that they are in the excersie. Then I have the admin of the excise check the time to see if it is accurate, is there a way to automate this?

    Also the number of times the user accessed the exercise is something that I have to check. Is there a way to automatically increment a value when the test user goes into an exercise and compare it to a number on the page?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Time/Access Counter Check

    Let me be more specific and maybe I will get some replies to this post.

    I create a test that logs in as an admin, goes and checks the number of times the user accessed a page, that a user under the admin has this stat.

    I then login as the user and go to the page, so that it will be incremented when i go back into the admin.

    I go back into the admin and check to see if that number was added by one because the user went to the page.

    Is there any way to check that first # with the second #, like having a variable and adding one to it.

    How would I do this?

    Please Help,


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    Re: Time/Access Counter Check

    Let me try one more time.

    How do you grab a number from a web-page and store it in a integer value?

    Public ohm As Integer
    Private Sub RSWVBATest_performTest()
    Dim valueStr As String

    ohm = RSWApp.getCustomVariable("varHTML1", valueStr)
    MsgBox ohm

    End Sub

    I created ohm as public and want to save a number value in there and then compare that same number with a different number that I am also getting from the page. But I do not think the "RSWApp.getCustomVariable("varHTML1", valueStr)" is the correct command to get the number because the MsgBox states it is -1, and on the site it is 14.

    Can some one please help me?

    Thank You.



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