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    Not Responding error

    My company has a web application (.net) that loads several portlets on the home page as well as a left hand navigation menu. It is a resource intensive application and makes many db connections at startup. When trying to load the home page Empirix locks up and eventually displays "Not Responding" in the title bar. Have to kill the process in Task Manager. If anyone else has experienced this behavior and has a workaround then I would appreciate the help, at this point we cannot use eTester. Empirix support has not been able to solve the problem yet. Thanks!

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    Re: Not Responding error

    I suppose my questions would be does it happen while recording or not? Also did you try limiting what is getting recorded by disabling some of the tree nodes in the options->current script->visual script menu before trying to request that page? I would also turn off your script generation for load to see if it a performance related thing.

    Those are my best guesses based on your description



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