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    Empirix Training in India

    Dear Friends,

    I am new to this tool. I would like to know Training contacts of Empirix in india. If anybody of you are aware of it, then please send the information to me. Please CC to me at mpanchal@satyam.odc.ml.com

    Thanks in Advance,

    Manish Panchal.

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    Re: Empirix Training in India

    Even I am totally new to Empirix.Did you get any material on it.
    Please do ,let me konow if you have any..

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    Re: Empirix Training in India

    Hi Pallavi,

    If you have licensed version you will get all the material. I am still learning in empirix.

    I think you will get training in banglore for empirix, but it was too costly so i dropped that idea and reading the materials.

    Manish Panchal



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