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    Test Results in VBA


    I need know what is a test result from a custom vba test. I try to do in RSWVBAScript_endPlay with getScriptResults but it fails.... :-(

    Can you help me please?

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    Re: Test Results in VBA


    Here is some sample code for a Custom VBA test. Make sure you have a VBA reference to ResultObjects(\Empirix\eTEST\ResultObjects.dll)
    RSWApp.getScriptResults for ResultObjects is only used in the RSWVBAScript_endPlay() event procedure.



    Private Sub RSWVBAScript_endPlay()

    'Set up result object variables
    Dim vsResult As VisualScriptResult
    Dim elmResult As ElementResult
    Dim pgResult As PageResult
    Dim oneIteration As IterationResult
    'Get the Visual Script result object
    Set vsResult = RSWApp.getScriptResults

    'Get overall Visual Script result information here
    For Each oneIteration In vsResult.Iterations
    'get iteration result data here
    For Each pgResult In oneIteration.children
    'get page result data here
    For Each elmResult In pgResult.children
    'Call custom Sub procedure to check element
    'type and get child properties
    Call outputElement(elmResult)
    Next elmResult
    Next pgResult
    Next oneIteration
    End Sub
    Jamie Lockhart, SCL

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    Re: Test Results in VBA

    Thanks a lot Jamie,

    I had done well but i didnīt get correctly result data. Now, all is running well....




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