I received a message from a user asking me how I am able to record my scripts against Java applets. Specifically the message was:

"I have been trying to test a Web site that contains a Java Applet. e_Tester doesn't appear to be capturing any actions against the Java Applet, how did you manage to test in your environment, what setting were set"

I figured I would answer this in public as others might benefit from my response.

In my case I didn't need to do any more than installing the java support from the check boxes on the install wizard and then enable the java support for jre 1.4 under the Options->Java menu in e-Tester. Why it didn't enable it on its own since I selected to install java support is beyond me but they must have their reasons.

I guess they have separate support for jre 1.3.1 and 1.4 (and above I presume). There are two distinct options for them. The actions that it picks up are a little different from the "normal" e-Tester actions. I seemed to have to add additional time delays for playback but other than that nothing else was needed.