I am now getting a chance to familiarize myself with E-Tester after starting this new job a few weeks ago (I have used the Mercury tools in the past), and one issue that I am running into I can't seem to figure out how to get past it.

I have search the knowledge base at Empirix's site and this forum's posts and now hoping that someone has run into the same situation...

Our application uses a bookmarking feature that results in a modal window being presented to the user allowing them to enter information on the bookmark via a standard multi-line text box. Once the information is entered into this box, the user then clicks the available button in the window to then enter this information into the database for the next time they access the previous window - they can choose to jump to the point that they bookmarked.

The problem is coming at the point when the button is being clicked. An error window is displayed with the following information: "Run-time error '401': Can't show non-modal form when modal form is displayed."

Anyone have any idea how this can be gotten around to record the click on the button in the modal window. I haven't had any issue with testing the bookmarking feature once one exists in the database, but it is the step to create on that is causing the problem.

Any input or ideas would be appreciated.