Hi all,

On a certain page of our Internet application, I am having problems in attempting to click on some buttons that are identical to each other, differentiated only by an underlying attribute ‘ItemID’ in the HTML. So for instance there might be between 1 and 300 items in a table, each can be selected by their respective ‘Edit’ button.

If you take for an example that there are ten items on the page, and therefore ten ‘Edit’ buttons on the page, they are differentiated only in the underlying html by an attribute ItemIDs, e.g. 18268&amp, 18269&amp, 18270&amp etc. etc.

I wish to run a load test in which would be able to iterate editing 1 to N items. Therefore if I wished to edit 10 Items, I would have the ‘run’ section of a load test iterate 10 times, and on each iteration it would click the next edit button in turn. My problem then is then on each iteration, how to pass the ItemID to the Click statement for the edit button. How is it then possible to pass this ID number from a databank file to either a test scriptlet function or the Action section of the Address Properties??

A second similar related problem is after the ‘Edit’ button is clicked; an individual edit page is opened. Each page contains for example 5 text pages, which have attributes Name= ”CritQuoteID_89385”, Name= ”CritQuoteID_89386”, Name=”CritQuoteID_89387” etc. etc.
This is the attribute which eTester picks up as the parameters for this page.
So when I run a script recorded by clicking the first edit button on the Item page, and record filling in these text fields, this script will not play when I have engineered it to click on the second edit button, as the name attributes for these 5 fields are now different. Can you suggest a better way of referencing these text fields?