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    Problem with SetParameterValues

    I try to use the method SetParameterValues,I tried everything but it did not work. Does anyone know how to use this method correctly?

    Thanks a lot



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    Re: Problem with SetParameterValues

    Not sure what is going wrong 'cause I can't see the code you are using but if you are you are using vba make sure you have the code executing before the page loads and that your paramvalue is properly declared as a collection

    -MT Larry


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    Re: Problem with SetParameterValues

    I was able to use it quite easily. I recorded a 2 page script. The first page is www.google.com. I entered a search string of empirix and hit the button to do the search.
    Once the second page was recorded, I put the following code in the 2nd page's beforeplay section:
    Private Sub RSWVBAPage_beforePlay()
    'Before searh results from Google is played back
    Dim paramName As String
    Dim newParamValues As New Collection
    Dim result As Boolean

    'This is the param name for the input text item on Google's page
    paramName = "q"
    newParamValues.Add "QA Forums"

    'Set the values in the script parameters
    result = RSWApp.SetParameterValues(paramName, newParamValues)

    End Sub

    Hope this helps.




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