I am seeing errors when we try to identify object using OATs automation tool in application developed in Oracle EBS Forms.
Application runs on JRE 1.7.0_67(JRE Version 7 Update 67). If we have lower version of JRE, application forms are not loading.
OATS automation tool supports JRE 1.7.0_65 or lower for recognizing objects related to Oracle EBS/Forms application
If we have Application and JRE 1.7.0_67 and when we try to spy any object in Opera, I am seeing an error.(Ref. attached screenshot OATS_EBS_Detailed_Error.jpg for more details)
Tried below steps:
1. Installed JRE 1.7.0_65, set JAVA_HOME path, rebooted machine
(Machine now has both JRE 1.7.0_65 and JRE1.7.0_67 environments. Ref. Screenshot JavaEnvironment.jpg)
2. Enabled JRE 1.7.0_65 version in OATS
(Refer. Attached screenshot Enable JRE 1.7.0_65.jpg for more details)
3. Rebooted Machine
4. Tried identifying objects I am still seeing the same error
Any help on this appreciated