I have just taken on a supportive role to help my client write UAT test cases. I am a BA with 30 years experience in software development. We are testing an order management system built upon Oracle's e-Business suite.

I am struggling with my understanding of how modern Oracle applications are designed, built and more importantly documented. I wonder if there are any standard design artifacts that I might reasonably expect to exist when a professional sub-contractor has produced an EBS application for their client to acceptance test?

I fully understand the information I need to be able to write prescriptive test cases because I have done this many times in the past. My problem is that I am in an information void and I am not sure what I should be asking for in terms of documentation. If I were working in a more formalised and methods based world I would know exactly what to ask for but I seem to have landed on planet Oracle without a translator. Nothing is being volunteered which is not helpful.

Also, I imagine that the Oracle customisations would be documented by standard Oracle automation. In much the same way that Visual Studio can auto-generate object oriented methods artifacts like class diagrams. Does anyone know how I can refer to such things when begging the sub-contractor for a few clues?

Any pointers would be gratefully accepted.

Many thanks in advance.