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    Problems when running a user-defined profile

    Hi All,

    I'm fairly new to e-Load, and encountered a few problems while loading our system using a defined profile (which consists of Login, Send Msg, Logout). BTW - I'm using version 6.71.0742
    The problem are:
    1. While Login, each VU logs in with the user/PW from the data bank, then the system gets another login request from the recorded user (don't know how or why), so effectively, I got 200 logins instead of 100, and the messages are being sent by the recorded user and not the 100 VUs. My question is how/why does this happen?
    2. Haven't been able to run any script with more then 1 operation in it, without getting "Failed finding navigation...". Is there any configuration that'll solve that?

    I'd really appreciate any input on the subject.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Problems when running a user-defined profile

    I don't know why you are seeing these problems.
    Have you contacted Empirix Support? What did they say?

    BTW, version 6.71 is very out-of-date. You should probably consider upgrading to a newer version. 8.01 is the currently shipping version, I believe.
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Problems when running a user-defined profile

    wow, OK, trying to remember what 6.71 was like. From the sounds of thing you might have created only partially modular scripts for use in the UDP. What is sounds like is that you have a login script that is databanked and then you have a "run script" that still has the login attached rather than starting at the "send message part" and that login is not databanked. Just a guess really but worth checking out. On item 2, is sounds like there is a dynamic navigation on the second item in the run section of the UDP that is out of context with the first item in the run section, remember, there is a handoff between the scripts and the end of script 1 has to have the proper context for the beginning of script 2.

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    Re: Problems when running a user-defined profile

    Hello there.

    I'm using e-Load ver. and I have another problem when running user-defined profiles/jobs.

    User-defined VBA is not executing! It doesn't depend on client type and the respective checkbox.

    Of course the scripts I use are working fine in e-Tester and e-Manager...

    Do you know what's wrong?



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