As organizations begin using Web Services, you need to have a plan ready on how to quantify the performance impact and the functional correctness of using Web Services before going live with the final application.

Empirix, the vendor of the Bean-test tool, is hosting a free one hour web event discussion on web services testing and automated web services testing solutions on Thursday, January 17, 2-3pm Eastern time.

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The complete abstract is below:

The advent of web services has brought the promises of integrating multiple software applications from heterogeneous networks and for exchanging information from vendor-to-vendor or vendor-to-consumer in a standardized way.

As web service technologies are deployed within and across organizations over the next several years, it will be critical that web services undergo performance testing. As with any enterprise software project, the adoption of proper test methodologies and use of testing tools will play a key part in the overall success or failure of projects utilizing web services. In a compressed software project schedule, an organization must quickly determine if its web services will operate successfully under a variety of load conditions. Like other web-based technologies, successful web services will need to respond quickly and correctly when implemented.

During our presentation, we will discuss the testing challenges created by this emerging technology, along with the variety of testing solutions available. Automated web service testing will be discussed and demonstrated using FirstACT, the first web services performance testing solution available on the market. Using a sample web service, automatic test case creation, scalability testing, and results analysis will be explored.