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    Is rendering time included in results?

    HI all,
    I have just began using Open-STA. I have heard that the results of timers given by the Open-STA doesn't include the rendering time for the page.

    This should not be happening as this is a performance tool especially for 'Web-testing'.

    Please help..

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    Re: Is rendering time included in results?

    Times reported by OpenSTA include network and server processing time only (plus the time to execute any wait statements inserted between the start/end timer commands).

    [ QUOTE ]
    This should not be happening as this is a performance tool especially for 'Web-testing'.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    If you are saying this is a flaw in OpenSTA, then exactly what computer, graphics card, memory, and disk configuration would you recommend OpenSTA consider to estimate the time to render images and run java script?

    If you want the times reported by OpenSTA to estimate some specific configuration, then do this;

    1) Measure the transaction with a stop watch
    2) Play back the transaction with OpenSTA and see what time is reported
    3) insert a wait statement between the start/end timer commands to increase the time reported by the difference between (1) and (2).

    One last point, if OpenSTA was to actually render the images and run the java script, the CPU requirements would be orders of magnitude higher and instead of a handful of servers to do load testing, you'd need many more. Efficiency is one of OpenSTA's greatest attributes.



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