Hai All

i am testing a application for 20,30,40,50 and 60 user.I need tp test for two cycle one is for baseline code and another is after code.when i started running the code i get the memory status 20 constant for all the run ..this is waht i done for measuring status

1 . open the Commander windoe in OpenSta
2 .click Collector->NT Performer
3.double click to open the created collector
4.IN the pop window click Browse Queries
5.Enter the destination computer and then click memory in Performance Object
Then select % commited Bytes in USe from Select Counters Form List and then click OK button
6.then enter 1 second as interval anc then click ok button
Then i add this collector when i run the test..

for all the user i get 20 as constan.Am i doing anything wrong.please help me