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    correlation in opensta

    Im new to opensta and would like to know about correlation. In the examples they have told about session ID's. What Im doing is recording a script with google and opening the first result. Now I have parameterized my search criteria. I need to open the corresponding webpage according to the search criteria. Im not understanding how to do that. Kindly guide me.

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    Re: correlation in opensta

    Wat if i want to choose a random link for each iteration??? How do i go about doing that??

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    Re: correlation in opensta


    What does choosing a random like have to do with correlation?
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    Re: correlation in opensta

    Do you work for Google?
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    Re: correlation in opensta

    Actually Im training by myself in openSTA and one of my exercises is to parameterize the search criteria and for each iteration i have to choose a random link corresponding to the search criteria. so i was thinking as to how to do it.

    thanks and regards


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    Re: correlation in opensta


    You need to write a user defined function with the help of extract, offset and other predefined functions. This function is based on your criteria/need and stores the value in an array. Using the random function, select any one of the values from the list of array values.

    Make your own logic according to your application need.

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    Re: correlation in opensta

    Hi, Thanks. I was able to correlate.

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    Re: correlation in opensta

    I am new to OpenSTA.I would like to know about correlation & session ID. Can any one guide me please.

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    Re: correlation in opensta

    Hi Radsri, please can you explain me how to do correlate.My scenario is that, I need to do a search for the reservation system.Under this we will be having destination and dates and days .

    For this how to do correlation.I am new for this tool.So, if possible please post that correlated script as a sample.

    Please...please help me out....

    Thanks in advance

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