I have both IE (6) and OpenSTA (1.4.3) set up with default settings (cookies and javascript enabled in IE and OpenSTA set to ports 3000 and 81).

My application works correctly when I am not running it through OpenSTA (and hence through the gateway) but when I record a script - and try to sign in - I am getting an error message from the application saying that I need to have cookies and javascript enabled before I can continue. The application does not actually need to be signed in straight away - I can browse the first couple of pages before having to sign in - everything is recording fine up to this point.

I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence but the submit of the username and password is the first request that goes to an HTTPS page. I've had a
good look through the documentation - and as far as I can see - such HTTPS requests should be picked up seamlessly (and appear to be - as I have https requests showing in the script).

This is slowly driving me nuts - so any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

At the end of the OpenSTA trace I am getting the following: -

nsprecvacket dump //spid 38,13
nsprecv:16 68 E0 81 08 26 A8 A0 81 41 00 00 3B 00 00 00 |.hà..&¨ .A..;...|
>>> GCT 25: <> disconnected.
>>> GCT 25: !! SSL Normal
>>> GCT 25: gateway client task terminated.