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    Caching emulation in opensta

    Caching The ability to emulate the caching of pages as performed by a web browser.

    Load runner Can control browser cache emulation during playback and control setting for each individual vuser.

    but in opensta
    No specific faculties, although can be emulated with simple script code.

    so how can browser cache emulation through opensta using simple script code ????

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    Re: Caching emulation in opensta

    It can't. The script has to be modified to remove the extra Gets that would be from cache.

    My understanding is that to do that, you would have to inspect all the expirations in the server responses, or capture the same script in HTTP (like Fiddler) to see what Gets are not repeated.

    There is one other topic here (http://www.qaforums.com/cgi-bin/foru...;f=36;t=000536)
    I don't think it is correct because when I record the HTTP traffic (as w/Fiddler) there are no Get requests for say cached GIFs, etc. Somehow then OpenSTA is parsing the HTML itself and adding Gets for everything on the page.

    Maybe dansut can respond...
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