I'm attempting to record what sounds like the simplest of scripts. The stated objective is to simply "navigate to the page" However, I'm having issues getting it to work.

I've set my browser (IE 6) to "prompt for user name and password" and when I nevigate to the page through normal browsing I am prompted for my user name and password, enter them, and am redirected to the appropriate page.

However, when I record the script, it doesn't display the prompt for user name and password and redirects itself to a "training" page within the site. NTLM authentication is recorded - and I can get it to work using "Current User" however, I am unable to get it to work using the specific userid/pwd that is used when using IE directly - and am still going to the training page, not the page I want.

I can record a script directly against the site I am redirected to and the prompt for userid/pwd is presented but by entering the full url I am bypassing the path a normal user would take.

Any ideas? / Tips? / In reading another Authentication topic in this list I noticed the advice to: "be sure that login into intranet zone option is automatically login with (domain) username and password." Is this in the context of the browser itself? The reason I set it to manual is that my id doesn't have access to the site so I need to manually enter one that does... but am not given that option.