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    OpenSTA and Oracle Monitoring


    I want to use OpenSTA for collecting informations about Oracle via SNMP, exactly sql parse time and i/o disk time. and i discover that oracle has an integrated agent called intelligent agent witch support snmp. my problem is : i configured this agent by respecting a document step by step found in oracle website but i have not any results from opensta when i specify some oid of known counters of oracle.
    please help me
    Mohammed HAJHOUJ
    m.hajhouj [aro basque] gmail.com

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    Re: OpenSTA and Oracle Monitoring

    It could well be that OpenSTA is not to blame and Oracle is not generating any SNMP data; that's what happened to me when I tried to do the same thing.

    You can test this by using e.g. iReasoning MIB browser (www.ireasoning.com) to request Oracle metrics directly - but I would guess Oracle Intelligent Agent is the problem. If anyone knows how to make it work i'd also be very interested to hear about that, although I suppose this is the wrong forum to be asking in...



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