I'm reading through the Authentication issues and topics here and on OpenSTA.org but not finding anything that deals with Digest Authentication.

When I capture the www-Authentication blob it looks relatively straight forward to the point where I'm thinking I could just paste it back into my post - but haven't gotten it to work just yet... Wondering if anyone has any hints/tips.

Digest qop="auth",algorithm=MD5-sess,nonce="… … …",charset=utf-8,realm="Digest"

And the Authorization statement in the POST is:
"Authorization: Digest username=~<22>domain\userid~<22>, realm=~<22>Digest~<22>, qop=~<22>" &
"auth~<22>, algorithm=~<22>MD5-sess~<22>, uri=~<22>/Default/Default.aspx~<22>, nonce=~<22>" &
"… … …~<22>, nc=00000001, cnonce=~<22>…~<22>, response=~<22>"…~<22>"

I simply cut out the section in the post that seemed to match what was captured in my blob... but then I noticed that there are a few commas in one and not the other - and what is with the ~<22>?

One other bit of info that may or may not trigger something - I was able to record and play this in LoadRunner - but I needed to change the Replay option to WinInet (instead of Sockets)