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    I have some problems with „LOAD RESPONSE_INFO BODY”. I have a script that does update in application. With LOAD RESPONSE_INFO BODY I get unique IDs, witch are passed to the server when update is initialized. When I run the script in the "Script modeler" then there are no problems, the entry is updated, but when I run the script from OpenSTA commander with 2 or more users then the update works just one time, because the LOAD RESPONSE_INFO BODY returned value remains statistic.
    For example, I need to get persons ID to do update on person. LOAD RESPONSE_INFO BODY returns ID = 1001 and update runs properly.
    Next user is doing update on different person, so the user ID is different too, but LOAD RESPONSE_INFO BODY still returns 1001.

    Eny ideas ?

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    Re: Problems with LOAD RESPONSE_INFO BODY

    I cant't find how to delete my post. My problem have different nature, it seems that there is no problem with OpenSTA, i just need to find out more about my web apllication.

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