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    usage of subroutines

    Hi all,

    I just noticed in the SCL documentation that subroutine calls must be placed after the code section and not within it. Does this mean that they are executed after the rest of the script? If so, how would I use a subroutine to do things such as generate user data (login info, filling out of forms, etc.) to be inserted into the scripts to be used by each different VU?

    I'm no longer sure exactly what use a subroutine is in this language. Any clarification would be appreciated.


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    Re: usage of subroutines

    never mind i beleive i misread...the subroutines go at the end while the calls themselves go wherever it makes sense, right?

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    Re: usage of subroutines

    Correct, CALLs to subroutines go wherever you need them in the script code, SUBROUTINE definitions follow the scripts code - or in an INCLUDE which you put after the script code. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I see why the docs tripped you up and have updated the source for them for next time I regenerate them. Thanks.
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